Traveling to the city of Interlaken .. a trip to the world of nature and entertainment in Switzerland


Interlaken is situated at the foot of one of the famous Swiss Jungfroguchs and is the gateway to the Brenner Oberland. Here you can not only go boating on the lakes, you can also take a cable car to the top of the Swiss Alps and see the wonderful natural beauty of the Jungfrau, and when you add the fact that the weather is fine all year round and the environment is so beautiful, you can see why the region has become a popular European tourist destination .

Traveling to Interlaken


As its name suggests, Interlaken lies on a narrow strip of land between two lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, both fed by the River R. The beautiful landscape offers tourists many places to visit in Interlaken within the city itself, as well as many daily trips from Interlaken.

With a population of around 14,000, Interlaken is one of the largest cities in the Bernese Oberland and offers many services to residents and visitors.


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