Solo Female Travellers Reveal Their 10 Best Travel Tips


Women’s solo trips are getting bigger with each passing year. Although it is not exactly a trend, but rather a personal choice, going solo on a long trip, especially to Asian countries, still surprises most people, both men and women. How many of you have taken a solo trip to a foreign country and received the typical “wow, you are really brave” comment? I bet most of you, if not all of you. It is still considered dangerous for women to venture “into the wild” alone, as if the world were full of predators. However, traveling alone requires certain skills and there are things you should think about while you are on the move. Here are 10 top tips from single women travelers to help you on your journey.

Safety First
Get ready for the new place you’re going to visit. Staying connected and online can make all the difference: a local Sim card will not only give you access to the Internet with your messengers and online maps, but also to secure taxis (like the Uber), online ticket reservations and emergency calls if you get into trouble. For those of you who love solo trekking – invest in a GPS satellite phone that will keep you connected even without cell service. Buy a topographic map before you leave to familiarize yourself with the area.

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