Reasons to travel to the Azores in Portugal 2020


The Azores, a Portuguese archipelago made up of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and because it is far from the mainland, tourism has not reached it to any great extent, and nature is as beautiful as ever, so there are many reasons for you to travel to the Azores or think about living in this region during tourism in Portugal.


Reasons to travel to the Azores in Portugal
An ideal destination for thrill-seekers

rocky hill viewing sea under white skies

For many years, the Azores were considered a place to relax and “do nothing” just for leisure, and this is certainly no longer the case, so the possibilities of seeking adventure while communicating with the purest forms of nature are endless.

With numerous hiking trails, including hiking on Portugal’s highest mountain on the island of Pico to paragliding and canoeing, as well as horse riding and golf, you have many options for a great trip to this beautiful destination, and more recently, the islands have become a surfing destination by hosting scenes from the surfing world.


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