our guide for first time travelers to asia 2020?


Planning a trip to Asia can be exciting and thrilling, especially for new travelers to the region, and no wonder, as it is the largest continent in the world, among the most diverse places on earth with a lot to offer, which can present a challenge when it comes to choosing your destination on this beautiful continent, if you haven’t been to Asia before and are eager to try it for the first time, here are some suggestions.


Best destinations in Asia for the first time traveler
You’re traveling in Asia for the first time… Here are the best options


Thailand is arguably the most welcoming country for travelers in Southeast Asia, and is an ideal place for new visitors for a number of reasons. Tawila is a favorite among western travelers, which means you can expect good tourist facilities, a wide range of food and a large number of people who speak at least some English.

Popular destinations include the capital Bangkok, famous for its nightlife, shopping and beautiful temple complexes, as well as Chiang Mai, which is known for countless beautiful temples and streets, and is a smaller and more affordable alternative to the capital, and although it is the second largest city in Thailand, it is almost not widely known to travelers.

While beach lovers prefer the south of the country, islands such as Phuket (the largest and most visited island in the country) have been attracting visitors for decades, thanks to the wonderful turquoise waters and many nightlife activities.


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