Is it safe to travel to Europe 2020? Latest advice following coronavirus outbreak


With more than 200 cases of and seven confirmed deaths, Italy is the most affected country outside Asia. But while towns and villages remain blocked, cross-border travel will continue.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Great Britain rose to 13 after it was confirmed that 4 new cases were on board a cruise ship in Japan.

The passengers were among 30 British and Irish passengers who were detained for 14 days at Arrow Park Hospital in Wirral.

On Sunday, the four were taken to a private isolation hospital in Milton Keynes.

The ship “Diamond Princess” was quarantined in Japan after medical tests revealed positive HIV results in more than 600 of the ship’s passengers, in the largest gathering of the virus of its kind outside China.

The ship had 3,700 people on board and, after testing, cases showing negative results for the virus began to leave the ship, after undergoing a 14-day quarantine.

74 British nationals were on board the ship before returning to the UK on Saturday.


The UK Department of Health said the passengers had been tested on the next voyage from Japan, adding that no symptoms of the disease had been detected on any of them.

Janelle Holmes, director of Wirral University Hospital, said things were going as usual.

“When the guests arrived last night, we followed the steps established in this situation to prevent the spread of the infection in order to minimise the possibility of transmission of the virus,” she added.

4 new cases of Corona virus infection in Great Britain

“Europe’s worst epidemic”

At the same time, the Italian authorities announced that a woman infected with cancer and the new Corona virus died in Lombardy, bringing to three the number of deaths on Sunday, making it the country most affected by the epidemic in Europe.

Regional health assistant Julio Gallera said it was “an elderly woman who was treated in Crema (in Lombardy) a few days ago and whose tests showed she had Covid-19”.

He explained that she had been admitted to the “Department of Cancer Diseases in critical condition”.

The Italian government has decided to cut off the famous Venice carnival in order to control what is considered to be the worst spread of the Corona virus in Europe.

The authorities of the Veneto region have stated that the event will end Sunday later, two days ahead of schedule.

Italy has the highest number of new HIV infections in Europe, reaching 130.

Italy has imposed strict quarantine restrictions in two northern hotspots near Milan and Venice.

Around 50,000 people cannot enter or leave many cities in Veneto and Lombardy over the next two weeks without special authorisation.

Businesses and schools have suspended their activities and sporting events, including Italian Football League matches, have been cancelled.


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