Rookie Mistakes to Avoid on Your Trip to France 2020


If you are planning your first trip to France, and it is something you have been dreaming about for years, and if you want to make the most of your experience in France, there are many travel mistakes you should avoid.

Avoid these mistakes when traveling to France
Travelling to Paris and visiting the capital only

Eiffel Tower, Paris France

The vast majority of tourists visiting France visit Paris and Paris only. And that’s not true, because there is much more to France than just one capital city offers. No matter how beautiful the City of Light is, you’ll discover more by leaving it to the world of other French cities, including Nice, Queen of the Riviera, a fascinating historic city with museums, cafés, restaurants and bars, as well as one of the most colourful fruit and vegetable markets in the south of France.

If you want to discover the Atlantic coast, think of Bordeaux which has undergone massive renovation in recent years, then there is the ancient city of Aix-en-Provence; and the developed city of Lille in the north of France which is ideal for a short break from Paris or the UK; add to this a city Lyon is in the centre of France, which is the gastronomic capital with various restaurants for all tastes.

France is the largest country in Europe, and has everything from incredible beaches, spa towns, as well as hill top villages and charming landscapes, and visitors should indeed discover the splendour of Paris. But instead of planning your whole trip to the capital to start and end in Paris, give yourself the opportunity to explore other wonders of France.


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