How to Visit a Nudist Resort or Beach 2020


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Familiarize yourself with the guidelines. There are many rules to follow when visiting a nudist area. Some are not written, but others are explicitly stated. Think of things that would make you uncomfortable while sunbathing naked. Then avoid doing those things. Pay attention to the behavior of others and comply with social subtleties.

-Some nudist resorts are for adults only. If it doesn’t say so specifically in the site’s promotional material, don’t hesitate to ask. If you want your children to visit a nude beach, find an area that is suitable for children. This is much more common in Europe than in the United States.
-Avoid looking at others. No one likes to be gawked at. Pay attention to yourself, and to those who came with you.
-Don’t make the situation sexual. Nudists are there because they embrace the freedom of the lifestyle, not because they are looking for a romantic encounter.
-Don’t be an exhibitionist. This means not engaging in any sexual activity in front of others, or performing any physical act that might be considered lewd.


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