How to Make a Travel Brochure 2020


A creative, well written and designed travel brochure invites readers to participate in a story that takes place in an exotic location. In this article, learn how to make a tempting travel brochure that will make your audience fantasize about – and book – your travel packages.

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1 Choose the destination of your potential customers.

If you are a professional working for a travel company, the destination you choose will be the one you work for. If you are a student, and you are creating a fake travel brochure, you will want to choose a desirable, exotic and interesting place.
A professional should already know what destination you are representing, or trying to advertise. Use this step to find out the main characteristics of your location: mountains, lakes, cabins, museums, parks, etc. Write down each of these key features on a sheet of paper for later use.
If you are a student, find an exciting place to advertise. Some excellent examples are Mexico, Hawaii, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the beaches of Florida or Australia, to name a few. Research the place you choose (using reputable sources such as online search engines, encyclopedias, library books, etc.) and find out the main features of the place. Write each one down on a piece of paper for later use.
The lists for both students and professionals should be extra long at first. It is best to create a long list to begin with, and then cross off the articles later.


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