how much does it cost to travel europe 2020?


Europe has many wonderful tourist destinations that are very popular, whether by bus, plane or train, travellers flock every year from all over the world to visit this old continent and discover all the wonders of European travel, but have you ever wondered how much it costs to travel to Europe?


Prices vary by country

When people refer to Europe as a travel destination, it is often easy to see it as a unified place. However, it is clear that Europe is a big place with many different countries, and each of these countries has its own set of prices, and costs in Europe differ from country to country and some of them (especially in Eastern Europe) are much cheaper than Western Europe.

Therefore, the cost of a trip to Europe accurately is not at all simple; it depends entirely on where you actually plan to visit. A person planning to move from Oslo to Helsinki and then on to London, Paris and Amsterdam, for example, will need a much larger budget than a person planning to visit Warsaw, Minsk and Kiev. Therefore, if you’re concerned about your budget, it’s worth looking for cheaper rooms in Europe to enjoy your trip.

The cost of travelling to Europe

How much does it cost to travel in Europe? Europe is certainly not the cheapest place to travel, and according to online research, the average cost of a European trip is between $60 and $100 per day, and in Eastern Europe you expect to spend about two-thirds of that ($40-$70). Keep in mind that the amount you spend is usually your own.

However, with these numbers in mind, here’s what a two-week, four-week and eight-week trip to Europe (not

Eastern Europe) would cost.

Two weeks (14 days): $840 – $1,400

4 weeks (28 days): $1680 – $2800

8 weeks (56 days): $3,360 – $5,600

Although travel is not cheap, however, it’s always a good idea to have a solid idea of how much something costs. From here, you can think about how much you need to save; a budget for road expenses and think about how you can reduce costs.


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